Ok, so technically this is not an engagement shoot because this couple has been married for a few years now and just wanted to get some photos to update their frames at home and for the annual Christmas card.  



We love love love this family.  Each of their kids is so different from one another, but together they are such a fun family full of so much life and laughter. 



This family is our new family crush. They are vibrant and full of adventure, playing in Sundance square with them was an absolute blast was one of our absolute favorites to date. I mean, come on, these boys are too cute!



We loved working with such a big family for this shoot, they had so many fun dynamics working together. It was a beautiful fall afternoon and the love and friendship they share is inspiring. Plus, we couldn’t get enough of their sweet little girls.



Welcoming little Gavin into the world was the perfect time to grab some sweet family shots of our close friends. Our time with them is always filled with laughter. We love the casual feel  of this shoot and their laid back family love. It’s an honor to capture people we love, in such a personal way. 



How could you not love these sweet moments out in nature? These kids are so sweet and their family was a joy to work with. We always look forward to working with them. Bonus! They were just as excited about shooting some rolls of film as we always are.